Build-a-band Workshops with Nathan & Hayley

Collaboration workshops with our resident rock stars Nathan & Hayley, specialising in connecting DSE Music Tuition students to form bands or groups to play with.  As you master your instrument and build you musical knowledge, you will need to learn to work & play with other musicians.  Nathan & Hayley, two of our teachers who have extensive experience performing in bands, groups and orchestras, run our Build-a-band Workshops giving students an insight into collaboration, live performance & connecting with the right musicians for your project.  We have students learning piano, keyboard, guitar, singing, drums and more, which presents a perfect opportunity to connect them into playing groups, learn pieces of music together and experience what it's like to perform as a team.  Music collaboration can forge life long friendships and foster social & learning skills, you never know who you might meet and what could come from a Build-a-band Workshop.  Register for the next workshop via the form below: