Terms and Conditions

1. Students must be aged 6 to 13 years.

2. Students are responsible for completing practice/homework, and staying ‘up to date’ with the class.

3. We accept no responsibility for supervising students outside of class times.

4. Term fees are non-refundable (nor transferable to another term) once paid. See further explanation here

5.  DSE Music Tuition only guarantees classes will run at your selected location/day/time one term at a time.  Usually classes continue the same day and time but on occasion are moved or cancelled.  Although rare this can be due to scheduling conflict (either internally with our staff or with our venues), or because class numbers are too low to make running the class viable.

6. Students need an instrument to complete their practice during the week, but we supply piano students with instruments at class.  Guitar students do need to bring thir own instrument.  Our teachers keep them tuned up each week and we offer re-stringing and maintenance services.

7. We reserve the right to remove students from class who’s actions negatively impact our teachers or other students.

8. We conduct regular written and performance testing (every term, final week) so parents and our teachers can assess the progress of students.

9. During the course of lessons students may be filmed or photographed. These images may be included in social media feeds or our website. If an image of a student is used, no identifying information is included (no names, ages, addresses, etc).

10. Term fees must be received within 4 weeks of enrolment so as to guarantee the place, those that remain unpaid by the invoice due date are forfeited and offered to those on our waiting lists. If there is less than 4 weeks befor start of term (when you enrol) payment is due within 1 week.

11. You should consider sports or other extra curricular activity schedules that may clash with your class times/days over the term as the fees are not refundable even if you can not attend.