This video is fascinating

This video is fascinating


Sat, 15th Jun 2019

The video is very interesting for a couple of reasons. Initially it might just seem like some smart kids & a great advertisement for our music school but actually there is some fascinating insights if we really think it through...

The students are answering questions about music theory and practical application (reading music and how to play music) but did you know that these students are between 6 and 10 years old, have no prior experience or lessons before starting with DSE Music Tuition and are in our beginner group class program which does weekly 45 minute classes for just $12 a lesson AND have done less than two terms of the program?!

This means that in a matter of weeks these students (who by the way can read & play BOTH the treble and bass stave) can read music or understand theory better than some music teachers out there!

If you think that sounds insane... you're right, but we assure you that you do not have to look far to find music schools and teachers who say things like:

"We don't think theory is that important..." or "We, like, teach by ear or like... colours, man...".

There are even schools/ teaching methods (well known ones which we will not name) that proudly state that theory is NOT a part of their teaching method.

Most schools are also quick to scoff at 'group classes' as ineffective, and in fairness they have been done very poorly in the past by most schools, but not ours. We spent years creating (and copyrighting) our own curriculum, from scratch (no grabbing a 'learn piano' book of the shelf of a music shop) specifically tailored, paced and structured to deliver amazing quality tuition for groups or classes, which we also happen to do for very low cost.

Theory is incredibly important and is the fundamental basis of playing and being a musician. Teachers who do not teach students to read proper notation/ sheet music need to wake up and stop taking advantage of parents and schools who simply aren't musical and don't know any better.

This video and what it represents is the reason we (the founders and owners) of DSE Music Tuition so vehemently defend our belief in the importance of theory, our curriculum and our amazing teachers who deliver it.

Because its honest, it's comprehensive and it works.

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