The Importance of Music Theory

The Importance of Music Theory

We understand that it's difficult for parents (who have no musical knowledge themselves) to distinguish between good and poor tuition, teachers or teaching methods.

Wed, 11th Apr 2018

Some people wonder why we don't teach guitar using ‘tab’ (tablature) like almost everyone else does. Tab is not proper sheet music (or notation) it is a ‘cheat-sheet’ version of sheet music that instead of showing notes on the stave, shows ‘which fret to push on which string’.

In our opinion this is cheating the student out of knowledge they will later need (how to read & write music notation) and parents out of money because if the student goes on to join a band, orchestra or write their own music they will need to be able to read music.

We get so many students who have done months or years at a school or shop learning tab, only to have to start again at a ‘beginner’ level with us to learn to read & write music. This is extremely frustrating for the students & parents as the parents have invested significant money & the student has invested significant time, and often leads to students giving up on music.

We implore all musical education providers (& individual teachers) to do the right thing and equip students from the start, with the knowledge that they will need to enjoy a successful and rewarding journey through music and all the wonderful opportunities it offers.

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